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Deep Learning

  • Posted by agrAdminEGG
  • On April 2, 2022
Introduction The widespread use of Artificial Intelligence and its possible consequences are on everyone’s mouth, but you rarely get to the bottom of “why is it so popular?”. One of the most successful branches of AI, and particularly of Machine Learning, is Deep Learning, so let’s understand why it’s so widespread. Understanding this field Artificial Intelligence (or […]

Good Practices for Neural Network

  • Posted by agrAdminEGG
  • On March 25, 2022
Introduction Today, we’ll see some of the most commonly used practices to improve neural networks. We will consider both actions you can perform on the dataset and on the network itself. Good Practices for the Dataset Pre-processing Almost always the initial dataset contains errors, missing or useless information, and other inconsistencies. By pre-processing your data, […]

AgrEGG GenIA become also a prognostic tool

  • Posted by agrAdminEGG
  • On September 23, 2021
Introduction Prevention in healthcare is a crucial factor that has the aim to minimize the burden of diseases and associated risks. The early detection of a particular pathological status and its possible evolution improves the chances for positive health outcomes, helping physicians to better anticipates possible complications developing and adapting the appropriate clinical plan with […]

All Around

View, compare and work on your data wherever you are, on different devices.


Edit your KPIs and manage complex data in a very simply way, just with one-click

Working together

Comment directly on charts, set up the dashboard using filters and share it immediatly

Analyze everything

The associative engine used combine any data set easily and instantly, so you can freely explore them in one place and have a complete vision of your business.

The all-in-one Dashboard

for your Data Analytics

Trends and KPIs analysis

Innovative information design

Sync data from different sources and software

Data report generator customizable

Anomaly detection

Multiple chart views

Totally Integrable thanks to a complete API’s set

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AgrEGG is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool aimed at the needs of enterprises. It allows fast and simple analysis of data, and sharing of results We work mainly with large companies, like banking, insurance and telecommunication enterprises. However, AgrEGG is also suitable for smaller companies, so contact us if you are interested!
AgrEGG is web application which can be installed on a (remote or local) server and is accessible to clients via secure authentication. You can install AgrEGG also in the cloud, load there all the data you need, and access them when and where you want, without having to deal with strict IT policies on your servers. End users access the application via their own device, according to their permissions.
For the end user, its use is extremely simple and intuitive, with almost no training required. For the administrators, a small initial effort is required for the setup of the platform, but not any programming experience. In any cases, we offer personalized support and an online manual.
AgrEGG provides automatic export of data to Excel files, and of dashboards to PowerPoint or PDF files. With AgrEGG you can: import datafiles (e.g .csv,.xls or.xlsx), set your KPIs, build dashboards, create tables and plots, export your analysis, share it with colleagues, also for the collaboration and so on. It is also possible to connect to a SQL database or to a web API to transfer data.
That's one of the strength of AgrEGG. An administrator can define different groups of users, each with different permissions to access, read and write files, dashboards, and so on. Since all data and dashboards are saved in the same place (on-premises server or in the cloud), each user can see in real time the status of the BI analysis, and act on it according to their permissions.
We can customize AgrEGG for your needs: we provide ad-hoc solutions for your use case! Also you can personalize your AgrEGG with your own KPIs and filters, build customized dashboards, update them at definite intervals, and even define personalized PowerPoint templates to which you can export the result of your analysis. If there is something you want to customize but cannot do it yourself, contact us and we will do it for you!
BI stands for Business intelligence. It "comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information. BI technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations" (from Wikipedia). AgrEGG is BI software for the organization and representation of data, also in their hierarchy of parameters. For example, for geographical features: I can show the total population in a given country, then drill down to its regions and then cities, or drill up to the continent.
AgrEGG is a web application, so the end user only needs a web browser to use it. You don’t need special hardware to run AgrEGG. Hence, all operative systems are in principle supported. The installation on a web server requires Linux (better) or Windows (possible).
Contact us for an evaluation of your use case and to obtain a free estimate. Our prices are relatively low compared to our competitors, and we offer discounts for multiple licenses. We usually sell yearly licenses.